Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari, leading TV actor, is another feather in my humble cap. Shweta's problem was that of post - partum weight management along with an aggravated shoulder injury. She was determined to get back into shape. She wanted someone who could help her achieve her fitness goals taking her injury into account. And I was confident that I could help her accomplish her end goal. She wanted a transformer and I was confident that I could be that for her.

We began with carefully curated workout plans with the right nutrition to match her requirement. And as we progressed the workouts intensified. Shweta was game to the entire rigorous workout regimen and the results have been astonishing. And Shweta's astonishing transformation tells the story of a successful partnership between a coach and his determined student.

Shweta, the beloved "Prerna" of the silver screen is an excellent example of age is just a number. And if you are determined and get the right guidance then the sky is the limit.

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