Hrithik Roshan

On a Friday night as I was about to retire with my thoughts about the weekend, my musings were disturbed by the ringing of the phone at an odd hour. My excitement and anticipation knew no bounds when the caller id displayed the number of HRITHIK ROSHAN's office. For once I even thought that this could be a prank. However the second call convinced me that this was real. And before I knew, I was in a meeting with the Greek God himself.

Hrithik Roshan's goals were crystal clear- to have a BLOCKBUSTER come back as an action Hero. And as simple as it may sound looking at the helicopter entry in War, we know the amount of hard work that went in the backdrop.

Hrithik had to gain considerable amount of weight to ace his look in Super 30. A 360 degree transformation was needed to get to the chiseled body that he had in WAR body. My starting point as his trainer was to focus on his strength training. And we worked towards it without taking a single day off. As a trainer, I could see Hrithik's potential and I pushed him beyond what he was used to doing. I cannot, miss mentioning Sir's unwavering spirit and that's how with my guidance and his effort we aced at our goal.

The next step after this was to achieve a lean body to represent his home brand HRX. And this required change in the diet and a new workout regimen. This goal was also attained smoothly.

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